I don’t usually write about politics…

How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable. But again, truth be told…if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.

Last night, the Romanian government issued a decree de-criminalizing the abuse of power and corruption if the damage is less than $50,000. This is not a joke. They made it legal for public officials to steal, while also giving amnesty to those who have been convicted of such crimes in the past. That means a lot of politicians will be getting out of jail. Oh, and the head of the governing party would have been convicted were it not for this decree.

Cool, huh?

I am perfectly aware that most of you are not living in Romania. And you aren’t interested in what goes on in this country. Most of you have your own political arena to tend to. I am, of course, talking about my friends from the USA. But…but… I have to write about this.

People have been protesting, tens of thousands of people actually, in all the major cities throughout the country, and they made it clear: they didn’t want this decree to be issued. TV stations that are funded by some of those who were to benefit from this decree told people that those who were protesting were attempting a coup d’état. That they were being paid to protest. Crazy, right? That kind of propaganda. In 2017.

Prosecutors, judges, they all said “no” to this decree. Yet, the Government did it anyway, while saying that being voted by the majority of people gave them this right.

You know what’s wrong with this statement?

You are not elected to serve only those who voted for you, but all of the people. All of the country. Even more sickening, you are not voted to serve yourself.

Being entrusted with this much power by millions of people requires a certain level of understanding: you are there to serve the country, its people, and it’s a great honor. It’s also a sacrifice. You are sacrificing your own comfort for the comfort and progress of an entire nation.

This is what democracy means. Why we even have it in the first place.

Otherwise, we’d be better off governing ourselves. Or living in a damn jungle, hunting animals and stuff.

Maybe you can relate to this, whatever country you’re from, whatever political convictions you have.

A public debate is always required when certain sensitive areas are to be touched. It is necessary to ensure that the governing party takes the best course of action. If you have thousands upon thousands of people protesting in the streets, then there’s something wrong with your idea.

Choosing to ignore this and hoping that people will eventually grow tired of speaking their minds or that they won’t even feel like doing that gives birth to tyranny.

What I am going to say may seem a bit harsh, but it’s not those who did harm in the past that are most to blame. The ones who started wars. It is those who failed to react. Those who failed to understand that keeping silent about things that matter will become synonymous to having no voice at all.

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

I understand the feeling of powerlessness, that speaking your mind won’t change anything. I even understand the idea that to vote seems such an useless endeavor. What difference does it make? Also, don’t you have enough problems of your own? Why even bother to instruct yourself and educate yourself about the state of the political arena, about what those who govern your country are actually doing?

This kind of mindset were truly responsible for the crimes against humanity that we have witnessed in the past century. A lot more than those who pulled the trigger, so to speak.

If you want to blame someone, blame the person who’s staring you in the mirror. Blame yourself for believing those who told you that you didn’t matter. That your voice was too weak to even be heard. Those who told you the most you can do is wait and hope for a better tomorrow.

 Any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. – Benjamin Franklin


24 thoughts on “I don’t usually write about politics…

  1. It seems like in this day and age of information this sort of media bias could not happen. Thank you for bringing this to our attention because in the big scheme of things as well as the little, this matters. If allowed who knows where or when this abuse of power will stop.

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    • I couldn’t believe it myself. This made people very angry. I mean, you have fifty thousand people protesting in the streets, in the cold, and you say that they are being paid like $25 for this? They even said that the children that were there were being paid. Even the dogs. It was all a scheme orchestrated by the secret services, trying to overthrow a legitimate government.

      It’s disgusting, but it also gives me the chills. It’s the kind of propaganda you’d expect to come out of Joseph Goebbels’ messed up mind.

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  2. In total agreement. These are tumultuous times we live in and not the time to be silent.

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

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  3. I will admit that i am amazed at how these governments around the world are giving themselves passes to say “Screw the people”. This law passed in Romania is ridiculous and is a slippery slope for lawlessness in government & sadly among the people. Let’s see what happens and if the coming days will show balance in our society.

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  4. I spent some time travelling in Romania, got to know some of the people (all very nice and funny too I thought) and their lives were hard. The wages the people I met were living on were ridiculously small but they persevered. The last thing the need is a government that thinks it has the right to steal from them. This is deeply troubling to me and I think a clear sign of the disparity between the people and the governments of the world over.

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  5. Hey Christian, nice post and great information right there. I’m Audrey and I’m scandalised by what just happened in your country. This isn’t a Trump era affair like some people would say cause the same thing was voted in my nation assembly, if I’m not wrong in the month of November. Actually in Cameroon right now, all members of the government have immunity of all forms cause they are in the government. Plus if you steal less than 50,000,000.00XAF (that’s our currency). You can stay out of jail and will only be asked to refund (this one can laugh at) meanwhile any person found sharing political “lies” on social media resists 5-10years of prison and a fine of 5-10,000,000.00XAF.
    So there’s definitely something going on and we should all speak up but without violence because let’s face it, wars are disastrous on the people, those World leaders will jump into their planes and go to fiscal paradises and have a happy ending while the war they kindled will blaze for generations cause those profiting from it will only be rekindling it. So please let us all be very wise about every move we make.
    Will be Reblogging this to share the message and good luck with the future, we all seem to need it these days.
    The rich will become richer while taking the little that the poor have. The gap will be widen so much so that you poor can never hope nor dream to get there some day….

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  6. I can’t believe that your government would turn their backs on the citizens who helped get them into power in the first place. I’m sorry that you and the rest of Romania’s citizens have to go through this. Abuse of power seems to be becoming a huge issue globally too. People are losing faith in their governments and it’s slowly becoming an “Us versus them” mentality rather than the government looking after their citizens.

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