Corrupt Perspective of YOURSELF

Not a Porcelain Doll

Corrupt Perspective of YOURSELF 

How do you see yourself?

Do you see yourself as confident, happy, beautiful, handsome, strong, capable, radiant?

Or, do you perhaps let words that come from the outside world influence you?

Or worse yet, that voice that is constantly within your own mind?

The constant stream of:

“You’re not good enough”

“You’ll never make it”

“You’re fat”

“They’ll never like you”

“You should just give up”

“You’re not worth it”

“You’re not important”

“You’re not strong enough”

Is this what you hear from those around you?

Is this what you hear from yourself?

This is what I call a “corrupt perspective of yourself”.

For so long people have looked to everything and anything around them to tell them who they are or what they should be like.

Yet, it has not made you happy.

How could you possibly ever be happy…

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