1k84gd-so-91Imagine sitting at the edge of this great abyss. Around you, people are flying. Leaping off from the edge, falling for a while, then soaring much higher than before. You ask yourself how is this even possible. It’s not. That’s the beauty of it.

From the edge it is impossible to understand the forces at work. Yet most people spend their lives doing that. They are afraid of falling. What if the falls breaks them and they’ll never get back up? They’re afraid of flying. What if they soar so high that the sun burns their wings? They’re afraid of spending their lives having never leaped over the edge.

They waste their years being afraid of all these things. And they sit at the very edge, thinking to themselves it is safer this way, yet the fear makes it impossible for them to enjoy where they are. Also, look at all these people flying!

What makes them different?

What does it take to leap from the edge?

You know the expression “leap of faith”?

The most important things in life require a leap of faith from us. We have to fall towards the abyss and grow our wings on the way down. We have to face our fear of falling and just do it.

If you do not risk falling, you’ll never fly.

It’s that simple.

There’s no other way to go about this.

So, next time you are afraid to fall, realize that without the possibility of falling, you wouldn’t be able to fly.


5 comments on “Flying/falling

  1. Anaida says:

    Cristian, you write about the things which we already know, but somehow your effective way of delivering is what makes you the star. Your writing definitely stirs the positive emotions in me to be better and do better. I feel proud to be your follower 😇😇

  2. Roger Sadler says:

    I try not to make decisions based on negative factors like fear, etc. I regret it when I do. As you say faith is essential and basing decisions on positive feelings or gains. If you don’t believe, then you won’t get through to a changed tomorrow.

  3. Dave Gardner says:

    This is terrific. I just read an article on procrastination, where a guy came up with the idea of beating procrastination by acting like surfers. Ingenious! They all fall at the end of the wave. What a great way to look at this. Your article leans the same way. Just fall. If you want to learn, you’re going to fall anyway. Thanks.

  4. Wiz says:

    This is exactly what college taught me how to do!

  5. jeffreybotah says:

    It’s always good to read things like this to remind myself of it. I feel like I’m preparing for my leap if I’m honest.

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