SELF-TAUGHThaving knowledge or skills acquired by one’s own efforts without formal instruction

Mark Twain famously remarked that he never let schooling interfere with his education. But what did he mean by that?

In my humble opinion, especially when it comes to artists, it’s more important to be a student rather than a follower. To learn to think for yourself, to separate what is useful from what is not. This, in itself, is an art.

The self-taught artist is not someone who discards the status quo in its entirety, but someone who understands the importance of his own contribution. He aspires to add something new, different from what those before him did. And this requires that he learn from those before him.

The idea that you have your own style and that you don’t want to learn about other artists in your field, because it’s going to negatively influence…

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2 thoughts on “Self-taught

  1. Very true in regards to music. Musicians who rely excessively on training often become hampered in their ability as songwriters. Songwriting is a craft that takes a lot of work – so if you’re spending all your time playing other people’s music, as opposed to writing your own, then your creativity will eventually suffer.

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