Why I ditched my Android phone for an iPhone 7+

Anoop Menon ceo of Confianz Global

After owning five Android-powered Samsung phones, I switched to an iPhone 7+. After six months, I am sharing my experience with the world.

My previous phone was Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Like any other gadget lover, I change my phone every one year or two using my AT&T Next Benefits.


After using the S6 Edge for six months, it seemed evident that my next phone will not be an Android and not manufactured by Samsung. Note 7s catching fire had no impact on my decision.

Before I start, I want to warn – I am not a typical smartphone user. I treat my phone like a computer.For my work, I talk on my cell phone average 18hours a day which is a mix of local calls, Skype, Google Hangout, Webex, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Duo.

Also, every time I am on such a call, I am multi-tasking on the phone using…

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3 comments on “Why I ditched my Android phone for an iPhone 7+

  1. There is always something new to aspire for, yet even what were consider old is new to some other people.
    Life is beautiful with what we’ve got, it’s up to us to make our choices to suit us.
    Every brand is unique and as long as each gives me what I want, I keep enjoying as much as I like.
    I’m typing from my Android and smiling yet I’m anticipating…
    Lovely post.

  2. I love my MOTO Z – had Apple before, life is about exploring and that also includes technology. Love the photos it creates as shown on my header and printer friendly due to MP

  3. I am waiting for the IPhone 8, supposedly it will have wireless charging. I have a Samsung Edge and I’ve had to replace it three times under warranty. While it’s a difficult decision I’m tired of dealing with it.

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