Why I’m Writing – 2017

Wither Or Thrive

2 years ago when I started this blog, I had an idea of what I wanted to say. Now I realize that as I change as a person, so does my voice.

The last 2 years has seen a lot go on in my life. Some things most of my readers will be able to relate to and others are always going to remain a very intimate achievement.

First off, May of 2017 I will celebrate 3 years of marriage to my blessing of a wife. There is no way that I can talk the same about marriage or my wife after 3 years. My perspective has changed. My description of both comes from trials by fire. Even though we have a lifetime to go, I’m starting to see clearly.

The second is that May of 2017 I will have the privilege of having worked with my churches youth group…

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