Vince Arnone

Natasha loves Jeremy….

She thinks he knows it…

…but she’s never said so.

Despite the 7 different kerchiefs that hang in her closet (one for each day of the week) she saves the lime green and purple paisley one- the one her best friend jokingly tells her “brings out the color of her eyes”- for church on Sunday. (She does this just to see how fast the older, prim ladies glance at her and quickly swerve away in a polite, but nevertheless disapproving, singular movement)

Despite this and her hipster glasses, you see, she’s actually a traditionalist…

She simply will not say the words until he does.

There’s just one problem- she has begun to doubt he might ever say them and was wondering if this, sometimes, “long distance relationship” was worth the sacrifice and wait.

There have been many days recently where she wasn’t:

“this close”…

but maybe


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