The measure of a heart

We are funny creatures. As we grow up we learn to describe almost everything with numbers.

The height of a person, their weight, the house they live in, the money they earn…

But numbers give only the cold perspective.

A bitter truth, so to speak.

For numbers can never measure heart. Or want. Or need.

Numbers can’t measure how passionate and enthusiastic someone is about something.

They can’t measure how badly you want something.

No one can see inside your chest.

What matters most is that you know your own heart. That you know what you stand for and what you’re willing to fight for.

You alone can measure your own heart and you alone are responsible to put your heart into whatever it is that you do.


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One comment on “The measure of a heart

  1. Mreynoso2017 says:

    This is a great, sentimental blog. I like how you explained the true meaning of how we should measure our own hearts and not allow numbers or anything measure our heart for us. For we know our strengths and weaknesses to overcome obstacles in our life and by having a heart means that are not giving up hope. Overall, great blog and I will be looking forward to reading more of your blogs. Keep up the great work! =)

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