When you have a bad day…

Call it a character defining day instead.

Make a list of things you’re grateful for.


Go for a walk.

Do whatever has to be done, being fully aware that the Universe has a way of testing your perseverance, your patience, and your overall level of excitement.

But sometimes things happen and all this doesn’t make much sense anymore.

The same as in boxing, the punch you don’t see coming knocks you down.

Sometimes it’s just bad luck. No karma, no nothing.

Bad things happen to you for no apparent reason, and you are left with trying to make it through.

It’s like when you are born with a sort of calcium deficiency that makes your teeth too sensitive to handle anything but water. And it makes dentists puzzled as to how fragile they are.

It’s like when you struggle to fix this situation for a few years, and then the “new teeth” break as well.

Sarcasm and demoralizing images are the only way I can cope with what I am going through right now.

I can’t eat properly. I can’t sleep properly because of the pain involving the only original tooth I have left.

I live in Romania, so there’s no health insurrance that covers this, no charity, no college, no one willing to do this work for free.

An expensive work indeed.

I do not want pity. I do not want prayers. That does not help.

I do want help. If you can, if you care to.

So I can afford the treatment that is to follow.

This is my ultimate battle. The one for my health.

If you can relate and understand what I am going through right now, and would like to help me, you can donate any amount you see fit via PayPal here.

If you think someone else is going to help out, it may not be so. It’s up to every single one of you to do as you consider.

P.S. It took a lot from me to ask for help for a situation that I didn’t create or ask for, one that is difficult to solve.


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