Rise and grind

Rise and become who you were meant to be.

Rise and fight for your dreams.

No more excuses. No more blaming what you can’t control. You are where you are because of you. You are not who you want to be because of you. It’s all because of you.

Rise and grind.

Wake up. From the bullshit you keep telling yourself as to why you can do this or can’t be that.

Wake up from the idea that you are what others tell you.

Wake up from the fairytales that tell you you have to wait for good things to happen to you.

Wake up and realize your potential.

Do anything you can to achieve more, become more, do more, give more.

Learn in order to fulfill your destiny.

Wake up from years of social conditioning, from heartbreak, pain, unnecessary stress.

Wake up and do what makes you happy.

Don’t try, do.

Don’t wish, plan.

Don’t think, feel.

Don’t dream, decide.

Wake up and grind.

Don’t take this day for granted.

Wake your ass up and live today as if it’s your last day on Earth.


Because it may well be so.

Rise and grind.


26 comments on “Rise and grind

  1. sailajaP14 says:

    Powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Mika says:

    Thank you for this reminder

  3. Don’t think, feel.

    Don’t dream, decide.
    loved these lines

  4. J-Dub says:

    Like a play on Rise and Shine! Sweet! I’m ready to make things happen. Very motivating!!!

  5. JenCab says:

    Thank you for such words,you made my day! :)

  6. Beautiful. There’s some real passion behind this, thank you!

  7. This is a true wake up call. Thank you so much for one. :)

  8. Wow. I love this poem. Why? Because I absolutely needed to hear this. You really snapped me out of my stillness.

  9. Avery says:

    Yes! This is truth. It is a choice to be made every day.

  10. josiesvoice says:

    As Nike puts it,JUST DO IT.

  11. jeffreybotah says:

    It’s as simple as this! No point in waiting, things that I want must be taken.

  12. If this doesn’t kick you in the ass and motivates you, I don’t know what could.

  13. Just started my first job in over a year after spending 6 months of the last 2 years sporadically bouncing in and out of psychiatric hospitals up and down the country and today was my first payday. This has given me what I needed right when I needed it, put beautifully. True inspiration. Respect mate!

  14. Refreshing take on rise and shine! Powerful piece.

  15. S Mutal says:

    I want to print this out and make it wallpaper all over my house!

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