If you stumble…

There’s one rule of success in any area of life that I hardly ever talk about: your tolerance to making a fool of yourself.

Yes, you read that right.

Wake up in the morning, stare at yourself in the mirror, and just laugh at how silly you look.

We tend to take things way too seriously. Most of the things that cause us stress now won’t even matter in a few days, let alone a year from now.

I have come to understand that we live passively presuming we’ll live forever. How else would you watch bad TV, talk to people you don’t like, or stay the same up until the moment life demands change.

Why would you do that?

Boredom and routine as your best friends, by the age of 35 you’ll be doing 95% of daily activities subconsciously.

Habits that will be almost impossible to break out of.

And one of those habits is the fear of being laughed at.

Making a fool of yourself.

It inhibits people from saying what they want to say, from doing new things, from growing as individuals.

It doesn’t matter.


So what if they laugh at you? If they make fun of you?

And, besides, you’ll be surprised that it’s not that bad. That you’ll get over it.

Our fear of future discomfort robs us of the joy of the present moment.

You’ll never know unless you try.

Also, moments of humiliation make for great stories some time later.


11 thoughts on “If you stumble…

  1. This was a great post- definitely a reminder to someone like me to stop taking everything so seriously and just enjoy living. Sometimes I think that I am so intense because, in my mind, its a reflection of how “adult” and mature I am, but laughter is the best medicine even if its with yourself. Thank you for reminding me that nothing has to be perfect and that basking in my discomforts and silly moments can honestly make me a stronger person.

  2. I agree with you. I never paid to much attention to any one before or laughing at me. Image I am very clumsy, then when I felt, I laughed at me. I have person around that do not want me to laugh, or just to go out happy. Just that. But good post and positive perspective anyway. Thanks

  3. So true, and so thoughtful! I think that’s one of the hardest parts about life–we get so wrapped up in everything, and in turn ourselves, that it kind of diminishes the one thing that keeps us all on the same page: our flaws.

    Loved reading this!

  4. Let us a play a game called “who makes a fool of themselves more every day” and I tell you only the strongwiiled will win .I couldn’t agree with you more,it is a beaten path in the woods that only a few are willing to take.

  5. That was great. Its true that a majority of people are living unconsciously. And fear of what others would think about me is absurd. People always think about themselves and the other person would be thinking the same about you.

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