How I lost 50lbs (22kgs) in 90 days

Anoop Menon ceo of Confianz Global

This post is for everyone who requested me to reveal the secret behind being able to lose so much weight recently, in a span of 3 months.
Before I start, I have to give you a fair warning, it is not easy, it is no magic. It is for everyone who have it in them to lead a disciplined life for 90days.

1. No Sugar for 90 days

Yes, exactly as you guessed, I cut down all sugar, as well as any sweet products. I use Stevia extract for my coffee. This is the #1 rule.


You can get Stevia from here

2. No Dairy for 90 days

Take only lactose-free protein powder. If you ever get stomach sick (some people do, when they take creatine) and want to have a probiotic to ease your tummy, you can take probiotic yogurt, but get those 0% fat ones.

3. No Booze…

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One thought on “How I lost 50lbs (22kgs) in 90 days

  1. Oh man, that no fruit for 90 days is a tough one. Sugar alone is tough…it’s in everything! But it’s amazing how eating oatmeal every morning has slimmed down my bloating…. I made an effort to make my own breakfast and coffee at work to save money and so far it’s been saving my wallet and waistline. Being a vegetarian who doesn’t like eggs, it was damaging buying coffee with pastries as the only option to eat. Anyways… nice friendly reminder to keep it up =) – peace easy.


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