Three things(continued)

A person needs three hobbies to be happy:

A hobby to make them money

Find a job you enjoy doing, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. – Mark Twain

If you enjoy what you do, you won’t care so much about income. Your passion will somehow guide. Others will see it and be drawn to it.

If it matters,.you’ll find a way.

Also, it’s important what you love because it makes it that much easier to overcome the usual obstacles of life. You’ll be less inclined to give up.

My passion is writing. In the last couple of years I redefined it as “inspiring others.”

I like to write and blog and even talk about art, life, ispiration. About what it means to be human, to overcome life’s adversities…

I write about love and hope and chaos.

It is what I’ve been doing for almost fourteen years. It is what I’d prefer to fail at than to succeed at something else.

A hobby to keep them fit

I’m not talking just about pumping iron. There are all sorts of physical activities and sports and martial arts.

And it is important to find one you love. And keep to it. Or mix things up.

Or just go for long walks.

Anything that gets the blood flowing. A dose of endorphins. A little bit of fresh air.

I workout out. At the gym, or at home. I also run from time to time. Walk for two three hours at least twice a week.

Tried some judo when I was a kid. Some kickboxing. I did a bit of swimming, but got sick pretty soon…

The idea is that, whatever it is, the mind and body ar connected. They mutual influence each other.

That’s why I walk around the house like a maniac when I write. It’s like dancing for rain…I’m just summoning the muse.

And the last one…

A hobby for fun

Just for the sheer enjoyment.

Like learning to play an instrument, or a new language.

Developing new skills…

It keeps the brain working, it keeps you learning new stuff, it also makes you less susceptible to develop degenerative brain diseases as you grow older.

Also, setting certain goals and achieving them releases endorphines, and that’s what we could all use in our lives.

I’m learning Russian. I like exotic languages, so to speak. A different alphabet. Also, I’d like to learn a few more of those…

I meditate, read about psychology and art and sometimes I even throw some paints on a canvas to see what happens.

None of those things are going to make me rich, but they sure do put a smile on my face…

What are your three hobbies? Or what would you like them to be?


7 thoughts on “Three things(continued)

  1. My hobbies are exercise, reading, and writing. Another big one is learning. I like to learn new things daily but focus on one thing per month. This month I’m taking a course on Game Theory–really interesting stuff.


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