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Growing up in the US, I often found myself caught between two worlds: my somewhat traditional Filipino upbringing and the dominant American culture of my teachers and peers. Later, after traveling the world and relocating to Germany as an adult, I felt even more conflicted in terms of cultural and national identity. What am I? An American? An Asian? A German? None of those descriptions could ever satisfy me or the person receiving my answer. Whatever the case, I was a permanent foreigner who could never fully assimilate into the country I lived in, no matter how much I tried. Though I have come to accept this without any bitterness, I often feel that I have no claim on any country as my own. I cannot lord my rights to the land over others I deem unworthy or separate people into neat categories based on superficial attributes: my folk and “the others”, good and bad, first…

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4 thoughts on “Inspiration: Pico Iyer

  1. Dear friend,

    I am in a similar situation as you but I found a good solution for it. If I could not identify myself with any country in which I was living for longer times – then it came to my mind that we all have one thing in common: First of all we are humans, we all are humans – then colour, culture, nationality, religion does not play the main role any more. With this we are all citizens of the whole world, cosmopolitians. When open all those boarders seperating us from country to country, from religion to religion, from culture to culture etc. – then we are all, first of all, human beings. Under this roof and horizon we all can live peacefully together – as brothers and sisters …

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend.

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  2. Thanks Cristian for the reblog!
    Thanks DIdArtist for the wonderful comment! You are so right. These positive thoughts that we are all humans no matter what superficial attribute separates us inspired me to use my blog: as a platform for world citizens, expatriates or travelers to visit, I plan to write more about this topic and share ideas about what makes a home in the world.
    MP Baecker

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