Words are powerful. They can create, they can destroy. They can motivate, inspire, offer a bit of comfort to those in need.

I use words in written form because they are almost set in stone.

They leave a trail behind.

It’s such a definitive action, don’t you think?

But it’s not the only reason.

I write because I think we’re all made of stories. I’d like to find out what my story is.

Also, to be, words are beauty, so I aspire to create something beautiful.

I write because it gives me hope. It offers me an escape from the day to day madness of living in this world.

I write because it calms my soul.

I write because it’s the best way I know of to prove to others that I am alive. That I have lived… I think and I write what I think, therefore I exist.

Why do you write?


31 comments on “Writing

  1. I write because it’s a release. When you pour your heart out on paper, you experience a moment of weightlessness, a feeling of drifting in air like a feather. I write so that I could relive this moment again and again.

  2. beautifully expressed. I write to know I have lived and learned. I write to share and relate with others.

  3. allylmare says:

    Wonderful and spot on! I write because the urge itself. :D

  4. geminilvr says:

    Great post. I have written about how words hurt. As for me I write to heal, to bond with others going through pain, to inspire and to let others know they are not alone in their struggles.

    • Words are loneliness. Maybe… but reading some one else’s words; words you can relate to, makes you feel less lonely. There’s a hidden meaning… a secret message. Only those who have been through similar pain can decipher it.

  5. sreejanac says:

    I write because it makes me happy and I feel that it is the greatest of all reasons.☺

  6. thank you Cristian, words are so powerful that all forms of relationship with humans exist but words are the most powerful no doubt

  7. Febry says:

    I write to hone my apparent talent and build myself, personally. It’s just a great medium for release and takes me to a better place when I’m stressed over life.

  8. sybaritic says:

    I write sometimes to escape from my wordly troubles and when it gets all too much, i find solace in the sprawled out alphabets of mine. Sometimes its to unload myself of my messiest thoughts and others to share ideas of some sort. Its either to inspire somebody with my words or to aspire them to write their own. Words are a universe in their own sense. There’s alot of potential and probability out there, you never know whens something written can touch your heart or voice your grief or open the chambers of your imagination.

  9. Justice says:

    Great question…I’ve never thought about it up until now, so thanks! I think I write out of need. Something is born inside and it has to come out otherwise I’d start to wriggle, to lose focus on other things and consume more space in my brain to remember it. Besides, I don’t know any better way of expressing myself than in the silence of writing or in speechless dancing. Lastly, writing presents the calmer version of me which does not say silly things in emotional spontaneity but I can finally construct my sentences in a decent way :)

  10. jeffreybotah says:

    I agree! Since I started reading books, I’ve really begun to understand the power and imagery that comes with words and writing.

  11. There is magic in the world, and it’s called Writing. Little scribbles on a page that can take you to another place, another time, and another view of life. Little scribbles that last forever.

  12. KysColourLover says:

    I write cause its Healing. Letting out of Emotions and things I have Experienced.

  13. rmcalzada says:

    I write to give a voice to all my unspoken words, dreams, and hopes, both for myself and for others. I also use my writings as a way to conceptualize my world and bring out all that is beautiful and pure in it.

  14. I write for many reasons, but the main one is it just feels good.

  15. I write so I can pour my heart out. Sometimes saying the words out loud is difficult and writing them down is not only easier but it also heals the heart. And when someone else who reads those words, resonates with them and probably feels less lonely for they now know they are not alone in their pain, it makes me feel like my time here is worthwhile. Also, it brings out untold stories and helps me discover myself!

  16. I write for discovery and to let go of what is trapped inside. Escape into the magic if only for a little while. A world that can be my very own. Love the post!!

  17. I write because that is when I feel most like myself. I haven’t been able to write my second novel the last few days and it’s killing me.

  18. Mackenzie Bates says:

    Love this!

  19. I think about the reasons why I write all the time, and I love writing but for some reason I run from really putting all of my deep and true emotions into my writing because of fear. I recently wrote a post about it on my blog called “Write More…Yeah, right.”, check it out if you have the time. Great post!

  20. There is power in the mighty pen of writer. Nice piece.

  21. I write because it helps me calm down and deal with my problems (even if it’s just temporarily:)

  22. nightseagull says:

    I love it!👏👏👏

  23. I write because God had put it in me to do so.

  24. For an introvert like me, writing is a vent out…though I love deep conversations with people! I usually write about my life, and for myself. It’s such a solace :)

  25. Great question!

    I love to create and construct. I love to express an idea or an opinion. I love to interact. I love to feel and incite feeling in others.

  26. Caleb Graham says:

    This beautifully said.
    Writing is is about truth for me. As an aspiring journalist I want to bring truth to people because I care about them. They deserve the truth.
    I also think about in terms of fiction. In a way it is also about truth. In the author’s mind and hopefully in the mind of the reader it is a true story that only they can see in their mind.
    It’s amazing what words can do.

  27. chrisfinds says:

    L’écriture est le reflet de l’âme 🙂 good post!

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