Golden Flogger Awards 2017 – Nomination

Christie Adams - Author

I am absolutely delighted to announce that Club Aegis 4: Passion’s Last Promise has been nominated in the Dominant Women & submissive men category of the Golden Flogger Awards 2017, as featured at the BDSM Writers Con, which is due to take place in New York from August 17 to August 20, 2017.

Readers are often more familiar with the D/s dynamic where the male takes the Dominant role – I know I was. Then I read a series of books that included a story where the main male character was the submissive. I will admit, I resisted reading that story for a long time, until I’d read every other book then available in that series. For completeness, I decided to read that book… and was blown away. It was an amazing story, with an unquestionably alpha hero who happened to be submissive, and it annihilated my preconceptions.

In the…

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