Blurry Copenhagen…

Cyranny's Cove


First rays of sun, the blinds

stayed open all night

hoping for light to get in.

The morning sets, slowly

but surely,

Washing away the night’s sorrow of leaving…

Soon, so very soon.

It is Copenhagen silent

just now, as I

long to hear that call in the dawn…

Stay, don’t go away!

“I can’t” I would say

Heartbroken, and defeated

by fate. But,

In my heart, I’d think

“I found a reason,

the reason to fight dullness.”

Everything stands still

except a whisper in

the cold cold wind,

“Farewell”, it murmurs

And the dried up vines just

shake their dried leaves


I walk passed

the sleepy bicycles, stacked

to warm each other

waiting to go

somewhere else.

The smell of fresh bakery

The sound of the city



I thought I heard…


But I only turned

To see my own shadow blend

leaking in the paved…

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