The right thing

the_right_thing“The really dangerous people believe that they are doing whatever they are doing solely and only because it is without question the right thing to do. And that is what makes them dangerous.”Neil Gaiman

It is rare that people hurt others just for their own amusement. Most times, people hurt others because they believe that is the right thing to do. They believe in their cause, in their rights, or they believe said “others” deserve it.

The worst atrocities have been committed because people thought they were doing the right thing. What had to be done. I find this particular concept to be so hard to grasp, because it implies that morality, virtue, good and evil, are all subjective.

And they are.

No one ever said. “I am a bad man and I am doing bad things to good people.”

Unfortunately, people feel the need to be right. It’s an egocentric and selfish way of looking at things, but it’s how we function. We categorize people, we label them, we judge them, and because we are afraid of them, we do everything that’s in our powers to prove to them how wrong they are.

We are the only ones who know, right?

From religion to politics to sports, people fight and argue and hurt each other just because they think that they hold the truth.

It’s so easy to think like this that it doesn’t require any effort…

And it becomes almost impossible to admit that you, in fact, might be wrong.

People function like this. Not really built to see the flaws in their own beliefs, thinking, or behavior.

I’ve been trying lately to ask myself: Am I wrong?

Whenever I get angry at someone, whenever I feel that they are just wrong to think or say something. Whenever I feel that people are shallow or that they just don’t get the point…

Have I really made myself clear?

I’m not doubting myself, I’m just trying to understand others better. To understand myself better, and to give others a better chance at understanding me.


  1. The points you’ve made are commendable. 👏

    Another viewpoint I could add is, that at the base of every belief we hold, is an idea. We might be for the idea or against it. Self reflection is necessary, time and again because no idea is perfect. It can also be said that the constant nature of human error and some amount of confirmation bias makes it harder for people to realise the fallacies in their beliefs.

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  2. What if you have tried, and the other still perceives you as wrong, despite your attempts at trying to be reasonable…not just …right? Correction of a generational behavior that still perpetuates itself in the form of secrecy, etc? Is that also in line with people projecting themselves in “doing the right thing if someone challenges the behaviors themselves?


  3. There’s a gap in the logic here. Because two people with opposing views and values both think they’re doing the right thing in fighting one another, therefore right and wrong are entirely subjective? Why? All that shows is that both can’t be right. Therefore we should be careful in assuming we’re right. But if you accept that right and wrong are entirely subjective, then my opinion that the Holocaust or the slave trade were evil and the opinion of someone else that they were a good thing are on the same level, both just a matter of personal opinion.

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    1. The idea is that you can believe anything you want, just don’t hurt others. There is no such thing as right or wrong. If you want to believe certain people are less than human, you can do that. But don’t try to kill them all to prove your point. The same goes for everything. It’s one thing to disagree with something, and entirely diffent thing to try to kill everyone who’s against you, just because…


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