Boys, Boys, Boys

There is something about being the mother of three boys that makes you want to pour straight vodka into your breakfast cereal. I’m not saying I’ve done it, but I have been damn close. There is a dynamic to having three boys, that only a parent of three boys can understand. If you have three sons you’re probably shaking your head “yes” right now and rethinking the half-gallon of milk that you’re holding mid-pour above your cereal bowl.

Wait! Don’t go there yet!



2 thoughts on “Boys, Boys, Boys

  1. I absolutely love this! I, thankfully, have only two boys – although there is a girl in the middle but that’s a WHOLE other story.
    My eldest is 16 and vascillates between being utterly helpless and thinking that he could run the house better than me.
    Suffice to say I feel your pain (:

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