Bucking the Upward Trend Today

and Poised to go lower because of inherent fundamentals, the disappearance of demand for hard disk drives in lieu of Solid State Drives (SSD), STX, WDC, NTAP are Speculative Shorts.

For Speculative accounts only: $80.00 puts on WDC expires 1/19/18 trading bid $9.05, ask $9.10.  STX $45.00 puts 9/15/17 bid $4.10, ask $4.35.

Also, AAPL with extremely overpriced hardware being blindsided by generic competition, analogous to a proprietary drug firm to generics formularies.  For Speculative Accounts Only: 6/15/18 puts at $130, bid $8.60 – ask $8.80 or more risk seeking, $120 puts 6/15/18 bid $5.55 – ask $5.75 or simply short the stock.  Downside volume only 41.42% of 3m moving average.

Also on my speculative short list: ATVI, EA, NVDA.

NFLX $145.00 puts 1/19/18 bid $15.80 – ask $16.00 or simply short the stock.

Withdrawal from TPP and possibly NAFTA points to Stagflation!

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