Searching for inspiration

inspirationWhen I tell people I’m a writer most of them want to know where I get my inspiration from. It seems like such a silly thing to ask. But the thing is that oftentimes I can’t even give them a satisfactory answer, mostly because the best answer would go like this, “Everywhere.”

I don’t go out looking for inspiration. I don’t do this or that thing because I want to have something to write about. This may become a sort of reflex, when you live your life in order to transform it into art, but I don’t think we should purposefully search for ideas.

Every once in a while, you feel like taking a break. You want to stop writing and travel a bit. Or just have some fun. Or try something new; do something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage or time or money.

Inspiration can be found anywhere. You don’t even need to be searching for it. Inspiration finds you, not the other way around. It’s not even about paying attention.

I believe that artists are easily influenced by their surrounding environments. They have a sort of… sixth sense, with which they can observe and oftentimes accurately describe what their eyes see, what their ears hear, what their noses smell. They see things not for what they are, but for what they’d hope them to be, for what they imagine them to be.

The add, change, remove, embellish, and generally alter real elements until they become fantastic.

Simply put, artists are the world’s best liars.

So it’s not about where or how or at what hour of the day (or night) to find inspiration, but more about what to do with it. If you’re brave enough, you can write about anything. Or try to write about everything. There are no boring subjects, just boring artists.

An artist sees the world, absorbs as much as he can, and then he just does his best to show the world what he saw. The vision, the originality, all that doesn’t depend so much on what enters his brain, but rather what comes out of it.


18 thoughts on “Searching for inspiration

  1. I would agree. I might add if I may be permitted, that it also has a lot to do with personal expereinces, joys, sorrows, fulfillment, regrets. How all these relate to us, or for that matter others. Speaking for myself, it also means a lot of opinions, sometimes judgemental as well.

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  2. My experience: inspiration gets you maybe 10% of the way there but so many people focus on it exclusively, to their downfall. Telling a coherent story of any substantial length is a long, uphill battle. I think that’s why poetry and short stories hold the positions they do. Sometimes you get inspired but you don’t necessarily get three-to-four-months-of-diligent-work inspired.

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  3. True.. inspiration may lead you the way.. but it’s your own experience, feelings, ups and downs combined with imaginations – which determine what and how you write.


  4. Ha ha ..”Everywhere”..I can so relate to it..I recently posted a write up on a similar topic ,sharing my experience when I just started writing and what all a new blogger needs to do to keep himself/herself motivated for writing despite poor or even no traffic..Reader’s feedback is appreciated but should not be the deciding factor..One must remember,primary reason for you being a writer is because you love writing. Thats it………..Anyways keep posting and Please take some pain to go through my write up and I would love to hear your thoughts on same. 🙂


  5. I appreciate a lot of your points here. I write a lot of true pieces. Therefore, I hope I am not a good lie. However, I do agree that an artist views the world differently. I believe that truth is often stranger and more exciting then fiction, if you know how to view and then portray it.


  6. I love being a writer and an artist. I people watch a LOT! This post speaks to me so much because I find so much inspiration for my stories or artwork in real life. People make the best characters come to life when drawn from life.


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