We all fall down

In the great movie “The Lion in Winter”, Richard and his brothers Geoffrey and John are waiting to be executed by their father, King Henry II of England.

Richard says, “He won’t get any satisfaction out of me. He won’t see me beg.”

To which Geoffrey replies, “You chivalric fool! As if the way one fell down mattered.”

And Richard’s reply is a brilliant one: “When the fall is all there is, it matters.”

We do spend an awful lot of time passively presuming we’ll live forever. We build an intricate web of routines, most of them nothing more than bad habits and rituals meant to shield us from stress and suffering. We fight change. We fear the uncertainty that lies outside our comfort zones.

But we do fall. Sooner or later, we all fall. We all fail at something. There’s got to be something that goes wrong.

It’s just life. It’s just the chaos of being alive.

But what do you do then?

When your life falls apart, when you lose everything.

Do you crawl and start crying? Do you pray? Or do you start swinging?

Ever since confronted with medical issues that kept me from working, making videos, and enjoying some basic human pleasures such as properly eating and sleeping, I have also struggled to raise funds to pay for my medical bills, but at the same time I lost a few people. Like a girlfriend and such, because, quite frankly, who’d like to date someone who looks like this:

Of course, now it’s worse, but I do not have a phone anymore, so I can’t take a picture.

It’s life I suppose.

It’s how things go sometimes.

There’s good and there’s bad, and they come one after another. Like the passing of the seasons.

But I am not going down without a fight. Neither am I crawling into a corner because things are tough.

I am fighting. I am doing my best to raise the money that I need.

Eight thousand dollars. That is the cost of the treatment.

If you’d like to help me out, you can donate any amount you see fit via PayPal here.

Also, you can purchase reblogs here. Advertising here. And signed paperbacks here.

Any help matters. Any help brings me closer to having a normal life and enjoying once again those simple pleasures of life.


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