Why not?

This is one of the last videos I recorded for YouTube. Before my dental trouble, so to speak. And I never got the courage courage to upload it. It just felt… pointless. I couldn’t find it in me to record myself anymore, so what was the point of uploading this video? But today I changed my mind. Decided to upload it and share it with you. Maybe my words find someone when they need them the most.

It’s been two months since I’ve been struggling to fix my dental issues. Of course, I’ve been struggling with dental issues for so long… apparently I’ve got some sort of calcium deficiency and my teeth would decay like there’s no tomorrow (one dentist was fascinated by how my enamel was so weak he could scrape some of with a tool). Anyways, I went to five different dentists, no one could offer a plausible explanation. All that mattered, after all, was that we fix the issue.

Which meant replacing all my teeth. When you’re 21, 22, that’s not the most encouraging words to hear. But, it could always be worse? Right? Are these the words we use to get us through those dark nights of the soul? There’s always much worse, waiting for us just around the corner. So we should be careful not to incite the far greater evil that is waiting for us by complaining too much about our current situation.

After many years of struggle, and a lot of money, a lot of pain, a lot of appointments, I thought I was done. I had “changed” all my teeth with the exception of a molar, and I could eat properly and smile and enjoy life.

But two months ago the upper bridge broke in half, the lower one in several pieces (I could only afford acrylic, maybe that’s why.) The dentist denied any form of plausibility, as if I had tried to eat rocks (which I didn’t, because rocks have no nutritional value.)

The molar that was left got infected. Pain. Sleepless nights. Not being able to chew anything.

I once again had to struggle to raise the money.

To replace both the bridges…

To get to eat and smile and all that once again.

Now, I’m currently only $1, 410 shy out of being able to pay for the lower part of the bridge. I say “only,” because last week it used to be $2, 500. So, it was quite a progress.

I need to raise these funds as soon as possible, because right now I am using fiber glass implants as teeth, and they’re not meant for that (it’s kind of nasty if one of them breaks.)

All I am asking is a $10 donation.

Why not, right?

I mean, it may not seem as much to you, but $10 from you and from other folks and so on, and you get the idea.

Of course, if you want to, you can donate more than that. Or purchase advertising. Whatever you want, it is fine.

Any kind of help brings me closer to raising the funds I need.

So, if you’d like to help me out, you can donate $10 via PayPal here.

Of course, you can send as much as you like, if you can afford it and are willing to.

Also, you can purchase reblogs here. Advertising here. And signed paperbacks here.



8 thoughts on “Why not?

  1. You speak surely and are quite articulate. I hope you make more videos my friend. I too suffer from some health issues that affect my day to day, including appearance. Although it is not life threatening, it still makes me self conscious. Much like yourself, I throw every penny I can at the problem hoping one day I can ‘fix’ the condition.
    Anyways thats about me, this is about you – I wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts, and will continue to read your work both here, and your books.

  2. I feel like I’m reading something that I was just too afraid to write. I also have horrible teeth issues and the dentists that I see have no idea why my teeth are so brittle. I’m going through pain right now as I wait for another appointment to fix one tooth at a time. I wish that I could help you. The only help that I can offer is understanding. I feel your pain. People are very judgemental where I an from so it just adds to the pain.

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