This Is Why I Blocked You From Facebook

It has taken me most of my adult life to get to the point where my three teenage sons have accepted my friend requests on Facebook.

I’m not sure if this is a major victory or a daily reminder of my greatest defeat. Tonight my son Rocky posted a heartfelt message that went something like this:

“Idk how people can just kick friends and family out of there life’s over stupid things. I fear losing the people around me more than I fear death.  I could never do it.”

To which I replied on his Facebook page.

It’s their lives, not there life’s. Just sayin.

Rocky immediately sent me a private message:



5 thoughts on “This Is Why I Blocked You From Facebook

  1. It can be a little insulting for not only this generation but everyone as they don’t like to be corrected. Even I used to feel offended when my sister corrected me when i spoke wrong english. I know I still make mistakes in my grammar. But I am learning. It does feel bad but we should realise we learn by making mistakes. It still hurts my ego but I think to be corrected is the best way to learn so you don’t make mistakes in front of another person again which can be quite embarrassing.

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