Last day

“Having had some reblogs with Cristian’s, the results were much better than promoting the posts on other media. Thank you Cristian for your wonderful offer” – Mohamad Karbi

Hi guys,

Last day to take advantage of this sale on reblogs. Crazy discounts, giving you a chance to reach an audience of over 123, 000 people.

“For me reblogs have proven a wonderful way to find new blogging ‘friends’ around the world. Finding new ‘followers’ wasn’t a primary aim for me as I’ve nothing to sell. Having said that, my followers have increased about 20% since a few reblogs on Cristian’s blog and as a relative newcomer to ‘creative writing’ (2 years) many of those being creative writers has helped me enormously as well as giving me a lot of enjoyment.” – Roger (grumpytyke)

A fantastic way to gain a bigger audience for your blog, there are two reblog options:

5 Reblogs – $59.99 New Price: $39.99.

You can use the reblogs whenever you need them. They never expire, so you don’t have to worry about that.

You can purchase them here.

10 ReblogsBEST VALUE $59.99. 

You can purchase here.

The whole process is simple. After you’ve made your purchase, I’ll contact you via e-mail and we can set everything up. Payments are secured via PayPal.

Last day, guys. Last day to get reblogs for such a low price.

It would be a shame not to take advantage of this great offer.

“I had no idea what a reblog was but it certainly peaked my interest. I knew that I wanted to grow my audience, and yes, I had no idea where to start. Something about this reblogging idea kept pulling at me. I knew Cristian Mihai had a successful blog with over 120,000 followers. Why not? I thought. Why not invest in myself. I love to write and if I could invest a small amount of money to watch my stats and followers grow, wouldn’t that be money well spent? I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.Having Christian reblog my posts gave me the opportunity to experience growth in my blog traffic that would have otherwise taken months, maybe even more than a year to replicate. The boost in traffic on my blog has reignited my passion for blogging. Thank you Cristian. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more reblogs from you in the future, you have given me the opportunity to share my voice and thoughts with the world.” – Erin Cooper Reed


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