The Magic Returns

He sits in a cold, dark corner, alone and afraid. It’s been too long, he thinks. He’s like an ancient, dried out riverbed, where the magic hasn’t flowed for ages. What makes him think he can summon it now?

Once, he was capable of great things. Through his unique talent, entire worlds emerged from nothing, whatever the heart and mind could conceive. He took it for granted, thinking it would always be there to serve him.


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7 comments on “The Magic Returns

  1. Namrata says:

    loved it! we all have that magic… All we need to do is keep on re-igniting the spark in us…

  2. Gangstars says:

    True about the magic that we suppress within us. Also the part where we waste on important time with family. Good read and sense of realisation

  3. Gangstars says:

    By waste on.. I meant lose out on important time with family.. lol…classic typo

  4. I’d say that it’s real neat on the way you wrote it to us, a beautiful story

  5. Loved everything bout it, btw i commented earlier and seems like it isn’t showing up

  6. basicdamsel says:

    Loved it, great writing!

  7. valdusblog says:

    This is inspiring, thank you.

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