One more day

“If you post anything art or literature related, reblogging with Cristian is a great, inexpensive way to gain some extra exposure.”Jeff Coleman

Jeff wrote such a great testimonial that I had to extend the special offer on reblogs. And he’s right. Art and literature, sometimes life, that’s what I write about, so it makes sense that those kind of blogs would benefit most from these options.

So, if you have such a blog and would like to get exposure to over 123, ooo people, you can take advantage of these great prices for reblogs:

5 Reblogs – $59.99 New Price: $39.99.

You can use the reblogs whenever you need them. They never expire, so you don’t have to worry about that.

You can purchase them here.

10 ReblogsBEST VALUE $59.99. 

You can purchase here.

The whole process is simple. After you’ve made your purchase, I’ll contact you via e-mail and we can set everything up. Payments are secured via PayPal.

One day guy. Last chance. Tomorrow, prices go back to $24.99 per reblog.

It would be a shame not to take advantage of this great offer.


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