“We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it.” — Earl Nightingale

Do you ever stop to think about what makes us special? What makes us…us?

Then, do you ever wonder what can possibly make some people great?

What is greatness? Or talent? Or success?

The answer is simple. The mind. How it works, how it finds answers and solutions.

Focus on everything that you don’t have, worry about the future…remember all that you have lost…

You get the idea.

The mind has its story. It’s what makes you different from anyone else who’s ever lived.

But you can change it.

Simple? Yes. Easy? No, not really.

We’re all self-made. From the money we make to the people whose lives we’ve influenced.

We build ourselves. With the help of others, or against them.

“If only…”

“I wish…”

“I could…”

“I should…”

Some people have problems, and they think that they shouldn’t have any problems. Others feel anything but sheer, utter bliss all the time.

Some people think of themselves as broken beyond repair.

Most people, including myself, never see the opportunity that hides behind the inconsolable fact of being alive. The terror of pain and suffering.

As long as we live, there’s hope.

Simple as that.

We can focus on all that’s wrong in the world and be miserable or we can try to improve every day.

It’s no wonder that the ones this world almost destroys are the ones who save it.

What doesn’t kill you…either makes you stronger or makes you wish it did.

The choice is yours.

It always was.

Always will be.


14 thoughts on “Self-made

  1. For the most part I agree, but to varying degrees as individuals we need and rely on others to help us along the way.

  2. Whoever rises heads and shoulders above others , often had only her self or him self at a turning point. Whoever fell far down the ladder than others around him or her , did give up on her self or him self at that point.
    That turning point makes you who you are , great or someone who got great help.

  3. “The most splendid line becomes fully splendid only by means of all the lines after it.” Hyoi ~ Out of the Silent Planet.
    I am myself because of all the years that have gone into my making. At the end of my life, I will know fully how splendid I am.

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