On Blogging: Do I Have Something To Say?

bloggingI’ve been blogging for a little over five years now. It’s been fun. I’ve got the chance to connect with people from all over the world and learn new stuff. Also, I kind of realized my words matter.

But the guy who’s sitting in his chair, staring at his computer screen, asking himself whether or not to start a blog might be wondering if he has something to say.

Do I have something to say?

Yes. But that’s not the problem.

I meet a lot of aspiring writers who are basically trying to tell the world something it doesn’t know. They want to discover new lands, so to speak. But contrary to popular belief we love being shown something that’s hidden in plain sight.

Don’t tell me something I don’t know, but tell me something I’m only aware of at a subconscious level.

Also, don’t tell me something about yourself, but tell me something about myself. The best personal stories you share on the web are the ones that people can relate to.

What I’m really trying to say is, we all love being remembered, time and time again, how eerily similar we are. All of us. We feel, we act, we react, we imagine, and we dream in similar ways. But what sets people apart is their unique ability to express those feelings.

Simply put, we want to know we are not alone.

My best posts are the ones in which a lot of folks feel that I’ve expressed something they’ve been thinking or wondering about but couldn’t put into words.

A great blog post either entertains or informs, offers people something meaningful to read, something that they can smile to or laugh to, something interesting perhaps.

Basically, you’ve got to write the blog that you’d like to read. This is the trickiest part of all. Because there’s no one to help you. You’ve got to ask yourself:

What is it that I’m really passionate about?

What are the things that you love or hate? The things you’d like to see changed in this world?

Even if it doesn’t sound cool enough, even if there are a million other bloggers writing about the same thing, if it’s something you’re passionate about, that passion will come through. Always.

I found my niche early on. I write these sort of short essays about unpopular facets of an artist’s life. But that’s what I really care about: art and artists. I’ve been writing about these sort of things long before I started this blog.

How many people are blogging about writing right now?

A lot of them.

How many people are blogging about writing the same way I do?

Not many, I suppose, otherwise I wouldn’t be so popular.

Not to overly philosophize on the subject, but people spend an awful lot of time trying to come up with something special or unique. The great idea. But very few realize that what makes them special can only be found inside their souls.

If there’s something you’re really passionate about, why not blog about it? And while you’re at it, you might find out some interesting stuff about yourself as well.

I would have never thought that I’d end up reading personal blogs. I mean, I thought only famous people were allowed to write about their day to day lives. But somehow I ended up loving some of the folks who write just about that. And you know why? Because I can relate to their stories. They make me laugh or cry or whatever, but they give me something.

So this is probably the most important questions you should ask yourself, beginning blogger or not:

How do I make people care?


In order to write full-time and take care of this blog, I have to rely on donations from folks who believe that I’m doing something that’s worth it. Especially now, when book sales aren’t that great. That’s just the way it is, I suppose.

If you enjoy this blog, if you wish to support me and help me keep on writing, you can donate any amount you like here.


19 thoughts on “On Blogging: Do I Have Something To Say?

  1. I think you answered the question. If you want people to care about what you write, then you need to care about it. When I write things that make me laugh or cry I know others will feel the same way. If I don’t care about what I’m saying, then no one else cares either. I’m far from an expert, but it seems that vulnerability and honesty are selling features. There are a lot of writers and bloggers out there, but there aren’t many who are willing to pull back the curtain and let you see the person who’s running the show.

    • Vulnerability, yes. And contrary to popular belief, that thing can get you almost anywhere in life. If you accept it yourself, that you are human and you can break, if you are willing to admit it to others too, that is something to be admired.

      • The more personal I get, the more empowered I feel. It’s like if I’m exposing all my painful secrets, then I have nothing left to fear. I show my weakness because I want others to know it’s okay to be weak. It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to cry. No one should feel ashamed because they are sad or depressed. It’s normal, and I share cringeworthy things, so people will realize they aren’t alone.

  2. I am a new follower of yours and loved this post! I had never really written anything before starting this blog 6 months ago. One of the first pieces of feedback I received was how “relatable” it was. I considered it the best compliment a new blog writer could get.

    • The trouble with that kind of thinking is that all that had to be said was said. There’s just nothing new under the sun. But most people weren’t paying attention, so you can just say it again for them.

  3. Great post! When I started blogging only a few months ago, I was really struggling with this. But since then, I’ve given myself permission to have fun with it and just enjoy the process. Once that happened, I relaxed into my voice a lot more and I think my readers and I both started having more fun.

  4. “Don’t tell me something I don’t know, but tell me something I’m only aware of at a subconscious level.”

    I think the ability to find these things and express them in an unusual (and funny) way is what made the TV show, “Seinfeld” so popular back in the day. Jerry Seinfeld and his writers (and actors) could cull ideas out of everyday circumstances that were lying in wait in the back of our brains, not fully realized until the thought was nudged out by their comedic portrayal of them. Once everyone laughed at it, we would realize that we weren’t alone in having those same internal thoughts. They were just never voiced before because we, ourselves, didn’t take the time to really think about them in depth. It’s like how your brain has to work on a different level (I think of it as a parallel level) in order to complete sudoku puzzles.

    My guess is that those of you who have the talent and skill to present your thoughts in a unique way, but still relate to your reader, are the most successful writers.

  5. Great insights about blogging and writing. I appreciate how you address it. It is really not about something groundbreaking, but what helps people discover themselves, and maybe you help along the way (that’s why I made exploring a theme of my blog, so smart am I, hehe). After all, we are all here to know what we are and explore ourselves, and this is what we want from others: if they explore, that is contagious.

  6. Something I’m beginning to discover (and I consider myself a newcomer to blogging) is that in a lot of ways, blogging turns into a voyage of self discovery. Just like writing a character involves pouring some parts of our own being into that character, and examining hopes, fears, and situations, the same is true of blogging.

    Only it’s a lot more personal. Cristian recently did a thing on defeat (incidentally, it’s really good). I got to thinking so I examined two of my biggest defeats and posted it on my blog and how I had to overcome fear, injury, and the people around me to turn the defeats into a victory.

    People liked it!

    Maybe it was a willingness to be vulnerable. Maybe it was being inspirational. But, above all, it was dead-on honest.

    As Wild Bill Shakespeare once wrote, “To thine own self be true”.

    Blogging can help me do that.

  7. I love this,
    I think folklore is a great place to find things that touch everybody. In folklore, you will find the underlining archetypes that exist quietly deep within the souls of everyone who share your culture. Bring those creatures to life and you have a story millions will be addicted to and not know why.

  8. Great thoughts Cristian. I believe we all have something to say, to be able to blog as well as you do, that is a different matter. Why? For myself, I am not well read and I am certainly not well written (not sure if that is a correct expression! :-). To overcome that handicap takes a bit of effort and courage.
    One thought I would add and certainly ask you to explore in a future blog is “purpose”. Much has been said about purpose (living with a purpose, working for a purpose,….), what about Blogging for a purpose. I believe you do and that is what makes your communication, and many others’, at many levels so attractive, relatable and enjoyable.

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