New Jersey and You, Perfect Together

I remember once when my mother and I traveled to a city far from New Jersey a man asked where we were from. When we told him he said “Oh, you’re from the garbage state!” Well, his attempt of a pun on “The Garden State,” the state’s nickname, was not only rude, but also completely off. New Jersey is actually quite amazing, in my opinion. We have over a million acres of protected pine forest, fields with rich soil, miles of beautiful sand beaches, and plenty of wonderful wildlife, even bears. One landmark everybody knows, but few people realize as being located in New Jersey waters, is the Statue of Liberty!

Source: New Jersey and You, Perfect Together


2 thoughts on “New Jersey and You, Perfect Together

  1. Your blog post makes me want to visit New Jersey which I thought I’d never do. Also I didn’t know the Statue of Liberty is located in New Jersey waters. Thanks for sharing your story about the Garden State.


    • Thanks, Brad. Yes, New Jersey offers plenty of interesting sites, recreation, and cultural attractions. The latter is thanks to it’s location between New York City and Philadelphia. If you’re ever in the area the ideal is to see New York City, then take your time exploring New Jersey on the way to Philly.

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