Darkest Hour

inspirational-quotes-motivational-quotes-quote-motivation-inspiration101-CopyThey say we are born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

How many fears do you have right now? How are these fears preventing you from achieving your goals? Living the life you’ve imagined? Being who you’ve always wanted to be?

I think that we are all born great. Invincible. Our thirst for knowledge insatiable. But I also believe that we encounter setbacks, temporary defeats we misinterpret as permanent and grow weary. We become afraid.

We find ourselves surrounded by darkness and we let it mold us into the type of person we said we’d never be. We become small, angry, remorseful. We become envious. We become weak.

We don’t grow through pain, we don’t learn from darkness. We just wish it away, waiting for something to happen.

The most beautiful people I know have faced challenges and lost, time and time again. They were defeated. They were afraid. They were betrayed, lied to, cheated. Yet they chose to be who they wanted to be, not what the world told them to be.

They chose not to be define by how they felt. Because, the truth is, no matter how you feel inside, you’re still responsible for your actions. The ability to put emotions aside and rationalize is one of our most underrated special talents.

Being strong doesn’t mean overcoming adversities with a smile on your face, just as much as being brave doesn’t mean never flinching in the face of danger.

Cry your heart out if you must. Cry and cry and cry, but never, ever give up. Cry and then get angry and keep going. Keep pushing… because even the darkest hour has only 60 minutes.


20 comments on “Darkest Hour

  1. I am afraid of performing in front of people, and being on stage, but I love watching live arts.

  2. VividTales says:

    Loved this article – “even the darkest hour lasts 60 minutes”.

  3. Beautifully written .Loved reading it.

  4. One of the nicest things I’ve read so far. Totally loved it!😊

  5. musicgirl19 says:

    So true! Thanks for sharing this. I needed to hear this! 🙂

  6. "Pucky" says:

    Pucky likes your thinking Cristian, because he has been thinking all these things lately. No one seems to care about other people anymore. Pucky believes this is a sad, miserable world. Try and try again or be a failure? How many times are enough? How many failures are enough? Does the “getting back up” have to go on forever. Pucks like Pucky’s are diseased. They cannot take failure forever. This world society is not fair to mentally ill Pucks like Pucky’s!

  7. Nashra Usmani says:

    “The ability to put emotions aside and rationalize is one of our most underrated special talents.” This is so true. Even if you feel defeated, you must keep going. Thanks for sharing.

  8. authensible1357 says:

    Wow! such a great reminder. A saying about being confined by the walls we build just came to mind.

  9. curioushart says:

    The first time I felt fear was when I was five years old, being chased by a large dog. Years later, when I was an adult, a large dog started to run towards me. I turned and chased after the dog. When it ran away, I felt pretty good.

  10. Lovely post!! How wonderfully put down in words the fears of one. What a quote ” even the darkest hour last for 60 minutes”.

  11. Wow! How did you put all these powerful words together? It feels like I’ve just been embraced here by somebody, so tightly, that all I can do is close my eyes and sigh.Thank you…..

  12. Your words never fail to inspire!

  13. desisands says:

    I have so many fears: the fear of failing, the fear of loving someone who doesn’t love me back, the fear of becoming my parents, etc., but my greatest fear of all is the fear of being alone, even though I have been lonely so much that I’ve lost count…you’d think I’d be used to it… [Not that anybody cares]

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