In Bloom, Once more (anew)

Andy Maudling

We lie inches and yet miles apart; wrapped warm in the single duvet of my childhood bed in my Dad’s house. Her eyes gleam like sapphires and her hair sits comfortably on her gently freckled shoulders, ablaze like the fires of Agni’s fist, purifying the world through light and flames. We dream of our futures together; all its possibilities and its infinite eventual outcomes. Where we will go, who will still be by our side as we walk the path of life. Certainty is a myth, yet I find comfort in the uncertainty we share. We are a house divided against itself, yet we still stand.

Her eyes bite me in ways her teeth cannot. Every passing moment, her deep, intoxicating gaze stretches to further unreachable ends of the cosmos and I watch as she tears her way through. She breaks under my skin, delves deeper through my pupils…

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