Never retreat, never surrender. Never give up.


We are not defined by our trials, but by how we face them. We are all afraid; bravery is a choice, that though you may lose, you shall never be defeated.” – Jill Anzinger

Imagine how your life would look like if you wouldn’t be afraid. How you’d act, talk, walk, pursue your dreams…

But fear exists; like a dark shadow, always waiting around the corner.

The thing is, fear is just an illusion. It’s a self imposed limit.

Fear can be faced and defeated.

But you have to do so on your own. You have to face the consequences, for every action there’s a certain reaction.

Never retreat, never surrender.

Decide this day that you won’t give up on your dreams and goals. Don’t whine when it hurts, don’t cry when you lose.

And never forget that there isn’t a single person whose name is worth remembering that lived a life of ease.

14 thoughts on “Never retreat, never surrender. Never give up.

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Christian. I’ve refused to give up in the face of a very daunting challenge – a relationship which poisons every move I make but which has stuck to me like glue. For me, this challenge is my Achilles’ heel but I still trust I shall overcome one day.

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  2. Thank you for this inspiring post. The easiest thing to do is to give up. The achievers stand up to challenges and persevere. Life knocks us all down at some point. Getting up and going forward is the mark of success.

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  3. Fear is a False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear cripples us from taking the right action and even from seeing solutions to the issues facing us. I believe (tried and tested) that an effective antidote to fear is faith.

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