My babies Third Parent.

Mad Lads Mum & Dad

I have a confession. My babies have 3 parents- me, their Dad and…… Google. Google is there for us 24/7. She knows everything about everything. When we got thrown into parenting head first it was ok because we had Google to get us through. I remember that first week with our first son and how she held our hand. What temperature should a newborns bath be Google? Water warmed to 37 degrees should be perfect Emma. Cheers love.

I have googled EVERYTHING in my 2 long/ short (depending how you look at it) years as a mum. My favourite: How to get my toddler to wear a hat? And the saddest: will formula make my baby obese/ thick/ ill or all three? During those first few weeks when I was deciding how to feed my baby and not be a shit mum at the same time – I could google…

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