“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds”Edward Abbey

They say the top of the world is a lonely place. They also say it’s a dangerous place to be, mostly because, even though the view is amazing, you can’t really see how high you’ve climbed.

But maybe it’s all an illusion. Maybe we never reach the top, we just think we do. Maybe life’s just a road, and there are no destinations: an endless journey towards an imaginary destination. When it’s good, when it feels good, we’re on top; the world is ours. When it’s bad, really bad, we’ve reached rock bottom. And we want to go up, where nothing can hurt us anymore.

Let me ask you a simple question: the easy way or the hard way? The shortcut or that crooked, winding, lonesome, and dangerous trail? The struggle or the victory? What makes you really happy?


6 thoughts on “Trails

  1. Through arrogance, impatience and cockiness, I tend toward the hard way. I think I’d have more success and self-confidence if I’d taken the standard ways, that is, I guess, the easy way. But there is a special satisfaction to taking something on, learning how to do it, and doing it until you succeed, despite everyone telling you that you’ll never do it.

    And that makes me happy.

  2. I believe that when we aspire for something that we want to become, or when we want to acquire things that we love, it is better to work hard for it at your best. In this way, you will appreciate and be proud and happy of what you have become and take care as well as value the things you acquired from your sweat. Sometimes people don’t appreciate what they already have, they are not content. That makes them unhappy.

  3. Most of the time, I’m a cheerful soul, no matter what path I’m on, so it’s hard to tell whether it’s easy or difficult. I practice the advice of Sun Tzu. “Plan for what is difficult while it is still easy; do what is great while it is still small.” (The Art of War)

  4. the sum of your life should be to ‘go the extra mile’ in satisfying curiosity, testing your limits, being a friend or a confidant to others, and exploring those roads not taken. Achievement – reaching the top of a mountain without knowing your ‘why’ is a thrill that fades. For some it may be for family, others faith, still others may learn along the way.

  5. As I’m a long-distance trail walker, I can take this very literally. So I choose the dangerous trail – at least, the tough and challenging one. The pleasure of being on the trail and making progress lasts a long time. As notdonner says, the pleasure of victory is momentary. But with trail walking, the pleasure of HAVING done it lasts. That includes the struggle to the end and the end itself. Moreover, the struggle is pointless without the end and the end is pointless without the struggle.

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