My Blue Funeral Jacket

It Was On My Mind

There’s nothing particularly unique about it. It’s a fairly standard navy blue blazer. It hangs in my closet with a clear plastic protector over the shoulders and a disc of cedar around the neck of the hanger. I don’t wear it often – we are mostly business casual at the office these days – but, when I do, they are always there. Every tBlueBlazerime I put it on they are folded up and jumbled together, in no particular order, down in the bottom of my inside coat pocket. Some are single sheets, while others are multiple pages folded together, but, they all have one thing in common; each one represents a life lived and brought to an end. A small paper memorial. Some tell of a long life and stories that often times I’ve never heard, that paint a word picture of a life well-lived. Some speak of shorter…

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