on carrier pigeons of sorrow

quartet love

On my way inside a new neighbor approached and asked how old my daughter was. In ten minutes she shared the following with me:

  • She had a daughter also, same age. Had her prematurely when she was in her late 40’s.  Explained that she, her daughter, was born with mild cerebral palsy.
  • She has been divorced since her pregnancy and has 50/50 custody with her ex-husband, who hates her, verbally abuses her and whose current wife hates her also.
  • Her mother passed away three years ago so all she has is her father.  She has no siblings.  The loss of her mother is still raw, to both her and her father.  He walks over to meet me also.
  • She is a middle-school counselor, has a guinea pig and a cat.
  • She watches Hoarders and has decided she is close to becoming one.  She begins to make apologies for the messiness of her…

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