The writers know it all too well. How a blank page is the ultimate definition of them being a failure.
In writing, in life, in love, it is all the same: you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

That being said, not taking chances, not assumig risks, not trying to succeed for fear of failure, ends up being the biggest dissapointment, the heartbreaking regret of “could have.”


Just do it.

Don’t think yourself out of an idea. Go for it. If you fail, it’s going to hurt, indeed, but after a while you’ll realize that you actuallt learned something out of it. But not trying at all, that’s going to break your heart every single time you remember your failure to act.


7 comments on “Irreversible

  1. The hardest part about trying is understanding why we did it in the first place and ignoring the criticism that will eventually come.

  2. Straight to the point and loved everything about it!

  3. cyranny says:

    So very true…. 🙂

  4. As the commercial says, “just do it”. There are days about the only thing I write is garbage, But the point is, even garbage might be turned into something useful.

  5. I always think people often think the opposite of what you think they think… so if you do something ever so slightly to please them, you might, but you might not, so you might as well please yourself and you can guarantee that people will be chuffed that you’ve been yourself whether they agree or not.
    There’s often a fine line between right and wrong, but being yourself can never be faulted.
    So write whatever sh*t you feel like on that blank page!… go on!!

  6. Helen says:

    You are so right! I totally agree with you, in every aspect! As the saying, you regret 100% of the chances you did not take…

  7. curioushart says:

    One of my math professors said that if you can create mathematics on a blank page, then you truly understand the concepts. In his class, students had to begin all their work on a blank page – I eventually learned the math concepts, and now I love a blank page.

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