Treena Meyers

Recently, I have been challenged on they way in which I relate to and understand people and situations. For those of you reading this blog that know me well, you might say I have a “very high EQ and manage relationships well.” Those of you who know me but haven’t lived life with me may believe I am guarded and standoffish, borderline rude. And to those who only knew me in certain roles I’ve held over the years may believe that I am, as some people have called me, “the black widow, the grim reaper, the angel of death, the velvet hammer or lymph node (meaning that I clean out the toxins in organizations).” Sadly that is not all I’ve been called but those get the point across.

To the ladder, I say, I am sorry you experienced me that way and have those impressions of me and my heart…

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3 thoughts on “Misunderstood

  1. We all change and grow with time. Today we are different than yesterday because yesterday’s experiences, and so forth. Take each day for what it is. You cannot change yesterday, and tomorrow you’ll be living based on today

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