Day to day life

Every year, around the first of January, I make a plan. I set myself specific goals for that year, and I do my very best to achieve them. And I spend each day with the uneasy feeling that I have to arrive at my destination.

I spend each and every day staring at a higher place than we’re I’m at right now. I dream about that place, I imagine it, and I try to reach it. And each day feels like a battle. Because it is. Each day either brings me closer or farther away from reaching my mountain top.

But sometimes I get lost in the labyrinth that is life, I get lost in routines and petty frustrations. It’s easy to feel that there’s no need to push for more. It’s easy to feel like you have enough. Enough to go by. The fire slowly burns out. I become complacent with people and things, and I feel like I have everything figured out.

And, yes, you can easily get lost in plans and dreams too. You can spend your entire life living in a dream world, in a world where you’ll have everything you want. When you’re too afraid to act, to make those dreams come true.

When those days happen, I just want to get to the place I had imagined at the start of the year. I want to get there instantly. I don’t want to spend much time on the road, I don’t want to stare at endless fields of nothing. Of course, I end up doing nothing. I end up filling my day with meaningless conversations with people I never really cared about.

Wishing, without the intent of acting, should be banned. “I wish I’d spend more time writing.”

They say it’s the little things that matter. All the little moments that make up our day to day lives. We never seem to appreciate them, nor do we seem to acknowledge the long and impossible road behind us. We rarely stare in the rear view mirror to see what we’ve accomplished so far.

We rarely enjoy the ride. We want to get to the destination as fast as possible. We don’t want any dead ends, we don’t want hours and hours of endless nothing.

But the thing is, life’s just a matter of perspective. We become who we think we are, and we see what we choose to see.

Spend too much time in the future, admiring a version of you that feels impossible to build, and it’s just as painful and mind-numbing as wallowing yourself in the past.

But it really is so difficult to live in the present, to see each day as meaningful, when our lives feel so uneventful, so boring. Our day to day lives are comprised of routines. We alone can change that.



11 thoughts on “Day to day life

  1. I think the trick is to find things to be grateful for in the routine and mundane of our lives. Not always easy when routine is boring, but I think we begin to transcend our problems when we’re able to do just that.

  2. I try to break the future up into smaller goals I can achieve over time. It makes the end goal seem not so far away, and I have smaller victories to celebrate and keep me motivated along the way.

  3. Awesome post Cristian. A friend of mine once said what makes a good conversationalist is the ability to make the mundane of daily life more interesting. I’m likely pretty guilty of living in the dream world of the future, but have made an effort to try to appreciate daily life or find a stillness in it.

    • We spend so much time inside our heads we don’t realize it. Thinking about the past, worrying about the future. The most difficult thing seems to be present. Here and now. To witness all that is around you and recognize the present moment for what it is.

      • You’re completely right. Thinking about the grand total of time where our minds are silent daily is probably less than hour! Have been trying to be more mindful of my thoughts lately to at least keep them positive and as allies instead of spies.

      • Cristian, I agree, but also keep the idea of gratitude, as the two other posters said. Enjoying the journey while appreciating what we have and where we are in the moment. This is a huge lesson I’ve learned during my long illness.
        Enjoy the day and all others from today forward. Also gratitude for the people in our lives who help us accomplished our goals (and those who hinder us, for we can also learn from them).
        I also have wanted to say, your writing is so smooth and your vocabulary well used, I was very impressed when I read English was not your first language. Congratulations for writing better than so many people who wrote on social media.

  4. This is strong! I like what you’ve done here and it often is hard to break free from the downslope of the day sometimes. But it definitely is good to find a way to do exactly that. Great work as always!

  5. Oh gosh, I can relate to so much of this! I used to get stuck halfway between reality and my imagination and somehow convince myself that through daydreaming of the life I want, I’m getting closer to it when in fact, it was just an escape from the mundanities of every day life. When I eventually snapped out of it, I’d get frustrated that I wasn’t where I wanted to be. So I took a step back and stopped trying to see the bigger picture and instead make smaller goals and appreciate the journey as opposed to being desperate to already reach the destination. In short, really good post x

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