Modern Art

Remember that one time Damien Hirst put a dead shark in a tank and called it “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living”?

Well…that’s what art critics said…anyone could have done it…

Yet no one until Hirst did it, right?

Nowadays it’s all about inovation, at all costs. In life and art, people want the one of a kind idea…the one in a million, billion, gazillion…

It’s just lazy thinking…

The idea is worthless. It’s the execution that matters.



Ideas are shit if you aren’t good enough.

Best novels of the twenty first century? What are they about? People doing stuff that isn’t so outrageous or out of the ordinary…people like us…more or less…

But they were written in a style that was unique…

Get the idea?

I used to write down ideas…one after another. I was obsessed about coming up with one of a kind ideas…something no one ever thought to write about…

But I ended up writing stories that were simple, yet close to my heart. The stories that mattered to me, about the people I was or wished to be.

We should never forget this… modern art is still art, and art is only as good as the things it makes us feel…


7 comments on “Modern Art

  1. Morena Tan says:

    If I step back from a piece I’ve created and I am personally fulfilled by it- if it moves me to feel something deeper that wasn’t there before or recall a memory that existed inside and was just previously latent- then I am happy. I could care less how cool or original or even mainstream my art is in the end. It’s my personal connection to the piece, the simple story (like you said) that makes it beautiful. True art is felt, it is meant to appease our soul’s inner sensibilities- not our human eyes. That’s where modern art goes awry. I totally agree.

  2. I totally agree. I don’t remember the exact quote, but C.S. Lewis said something along the lines of “don’t try so hard to be original, just do what comes naturally with whatever inspires you, and you’ll usually come up with something original. TRY too hard to be original, and it won’t be”

  3. Great, great thought.

  4. Simplicity is perfection. The greatest stories are the ones written from our hearts.

  5. jenrcab says:

    I have those moments when my mind is just focused on writing “The greatest Ideas Of All Time” but then they’re just ideas without execution. I’ve been meaning to list some ideas and discuss it with some creative people and come up with something great. How can we share about executing our ideas in public?

  6. Yes, many good points!

  7. hntrmillr says:

    Hemingway wrote novels about average people doing average things with average words. Of course he made sure each word was perfect. He rewrote the ending to “For Whom the Bell Tolls” I believe 39 times before he settled for it.

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