Liz McLeod Musings on the Day


When does the here and now

Delineate between the there and then?

When does the anesthesia of the wine

Combat the pain of the horrible grief?

When does the hope for numbness,

Relaxation, bliss, and floating,

Come up against the creativity,

The concept of more, the knowing it’s too much?

When do the questions

That plague each soul and entity,

Cease to be productive,

End with a repetitive?

Tired of the constant questions,

Tired of the enigma,

Tired of the ambiguity,

I rest in the lull of alcohol.

It is easy to see,

How so many creatives

Have used substance to quiet

The constant roaring of the mind.

I need peace and quiet,

Stillness and calm,

Please show me relaxation

And peacefulness, the now, the end.

Does that mean I will succumb

To the negatives of the physical?

Isn’t that what dying is?

Isn’t that what we all become?


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