The Beauty of Challenges

They say talking to yourself in the second person is the best way to motivate yourself. Imagine that. Staring yourself in the mirror, offering your reflection the same advice you’d give others…

That is probably the best way to ensure we do what we know we should do.

Because what are the advice we give others than ourselves talking to our past selves…

That being said, I’m setting myself challenges. Learn a new language…spend one hours a day towards this goal. Exercise at least 5 times a week(but never skip a Monday)…

New challenge? Read two books a week. One of them, self-help, psychology, philosophy, stuff like that, the other one fiction.

Do you set yourself challenges? If yes, what kind? Do you have any ideas for new challenges?

P.S. This is the book I am reading right now…


7 thoughts on “The Beauty of Challenges

  1. Yes!! I love this! I know it’ll be difficult, but I really want to learn Russian or Bulgarian. On top of that, to be less critical about my own writing and believe in myself more.

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    • I am learning Russian. Difficult indeed. Different alphabet makes for slow progress. Other than that, words don’t sound that strange to me(there’s a Romanian dialect that sounds quite a bit like Russian).


      • I’ve been listening to a few Russian artists lately and watching some interviews so I can get more of a feel for the language. That’s good for you, though! You have a little bit of an advantage there!


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