A High School Story (by an 11 year old)

The RAW Writer's Block 2!

Proud to release the first kid written story! I am more than excited too because she happens to be my daughter! She is eleven and did write this story without help…I didn’t even edit it!! Some online hand clappin’ 4 my girl…






Girls: Kendra- annoying and mean

Avery-very mean girl

Macy- Avery and Kendra’s BFF

Raelyn- (me) nickname, Rae -most popular girl

Rachel- my twin sis, also a popular girl (one of my BFF’s

Peppy- also a popular girl (one of my BFF’s)

Hannah- my 1st  grade, adopted little sister

Boys: Jackson- most popular boy

Tanner- Jacksons best friend, also a popular boy

Jason- Jacksons twin brother

Mason- annoying boy

Jordan- nerd

Ash- a popular- annoying-“cool”

Darren- my 2nd  grade little brother

Teachers;   Librarian- Mrs. Coil    Principal- Mrs. Bradley

Science- Mr. Ellis  Math- Miss Brank

Spanish- Mr. Eden      Art- Mr…

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