No man is an island

There’s something about this saying that defines us, don’t you think? The solitary life, as much as we’d try, is never as fulfilling as living among other people. Interdependence. Compassion. The one thing that has made it impossible for other creatures to hunt us to extinction.

We can accomplish great feats together.


This is the idea… this is what it’s all about. What we’re all about.

Someone once told me that it takes courage to ask for help. To admit that a situation is beyond your power to fix or overcome. I don’t know about that… don’t know about bravery, even though I like to write about it.

I am twenty six years old. Born on Christmas Day, 1990. And I am one thousand and eight hundred dollars away from being unable to chew my food…

I can only imagine how that feels like… how that would feel like. To want to eat something and not being able to, that is something I had to get used to during the years. I cannot eat stuff that is kind of hard…like cookies or chocolate. Or too sweet. Or too cold. Too hot. But not being able to chew at all?

I’d make a joke about Benjamin Button, but I have run out of jokes. Or anything else to write about. Or to think about.

This is what I think about day in and day out. How am I going to come up with the money to pay for my next surgery. And the next. And all the other treatments. And the implants. And all that… and it is overwhelming.

On top of that, my phone broke today. I use it to work. Do most of my work on it, actually.

I don’t know what else to say. I don’t know if there are some words that are required when asking for help, to make it so that people offer it to you.

If you’d like to help me out, with any amount possible, towards my next surgery, towards doing whatever possible so I can chew food…. you can donate any amount you see fit here.


3 thoughts on “No man is an island

    • hi, i gave you a little money 2x. it’s not much but i wanted to at least make an effort. i sort of understand what you’re going thorough. i have insurance, so it was nothing like your situation, very much much easier. anyway, i hadn’t been to the dentist or even brushed my teeth for almost 10 years. i got to the point that i needed 5 crowns, five cavities, and a place i need an implant. i was so scared of going, but then i started having a mild case of what is so hard for you…trying to eat and drink. putting anything in your mouth is horrible. warm hurts, cold is hideous, room temperature is sort of ok, but even talking hurts because it pushes a bit of air into your mouth and even that’s painful.

      i needed so much work, and i had had 2 root canals and a crown and the tooth that needs an implant was pulled. nightmare. i can’t imagine the hell you’re going through with very little hope, i would guess. i know your blog has had this going on for a long time and i know it’s hard to do it, but one has to be realistic. if you’re in a situation this at the bottom of the barrel you have to do whatever is possible.

      i used up all my dental insurance for this year in january, so i’n crossing my fingers and toes that nothing happens til next year!

      i’ll be thinking of you and i wish you the very best.

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