If the shoe doesn’t fit

Written Word

Feet moving faster than my eyes dart around.
We didn’t start the war but we didn’t make a sound.

I lay awake at night;
I toss and I turn.
The paths that we take;
The bridges we burn;

They point us one way.
They’ve lead us to this.
My thoughts turn to black,
As they poison your kiss.

I lay and I think of the words that you said.
The lies that you told to get into my head.

The words that you spoke,
Became promises broke.
This cannot be real;
It must be a joke.

Lavender bushes;
They nibble my feet.
The life I have lived,
Has been a defeat.

But I push on and fight, for the ones that I love.
If the shoe doesn’t fit, then I’ll find you a glove.

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