back in business? again? really?


Lesson number one about being successful at anything worthwhile in life: it’s not going to work out from the first try. Heck, it’s not going to work the first couple of times…

I have lost count of how many times I tried to keep irevuo alive. Always the same idea behind it: a website dedicated to art, especially to promoting aspiring and independent artists from around the world. A place of inspiration, a midnight muse…

This is another one of those attempts.

Do you remember how many times you fell down before you learned to walk?

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2 comments on “back in business? again? really?

  1. I am yet to learn to walk. I have been stumbling from block to block and the reason I keep going is the few times I saw the light that gave hope. Now let’s hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t that of a high speed train :)

  2. Yep…that’s the learning process…we learn to succeed through our mistakes, develop resilience. I am still learning, still tweaking methods, still enveloping resilience.
    ‘If at first you don’t succeed…..’

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