You vs. You

We all have dreams and wishes. We all have flaws we wish we had not.

We also have a lot of excuses why we’re not who we’d like to be. From headaches to heartaches to heartbreaks. Parents, the economy, our friends, our own lack of skills in any given area.

All the people who told you it can’t be done.

All the nights you fell asleep telling yourself that it really can’t be done.

They’re all excuses. Granted, some or better than others.

But… It’s extremely important that you realize that you’re the only one who’s holding yourself back.

Who you decide to be is your only excuse.

So what if there’s no one around to support you? So what if the economy is in ruins? So what?

It only stops you if you decide to quit.

As a matter of fact, as long as you keep going, you can never lose.

It’s you vs. you.

Never forget that.


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