I’d like to thank Kelly, Alex, Jessica, and all the others for their donation.

Secondly, I want to tell you that today is the last day to donate if I am to get the surgery done by the end of the week.

Only $270 left to raise.

Can we do this guys?

I believe we can.

We’re so close to getting this surgery done. Let’s do this, guys.

Any amount matters. Any amount you can spare.

If everyone who reads this post would donate $10, we’d raise this in only a few hours.

Little by little a little becomes a lot, as the saying goes.

I can’t do this without your help. With no health insurance, the cost of the treatment being so high…

I want to enjoy a normal life. To be healthy again.

If you wish to help me out, you can contribute any amount you see fit here.


One thought on “$270

  1. I am even begging you all to consider what you could give up this week in order to share $10 with Christian. Is it Starbucks for 2 days or perhaps one days worth of cigarettes? Whatever it is, it will make that next coffee or cigarette all the more wonderful when you consider the impact it will have on Christian. He needs us, he needs to know that he is loved and supported and that we want him to be successful. Please click “here” at the end of the post and give of your selfie to Christian.

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