Ask Me Anything: About Blogging

Hi guys,

The title is self-explanatory.

Ask me anything you’d like to know about blogging. From stuff about the WordPress platform to advice on writing posts, social media, stuff like that.

I’ll be here waiting for your comments.




46 comments on “Ask Me Anything: About Blogging

  1. Andy Pines says:

    How many posts should most bloggers make on days they blog?

    • Tricky one. It depends on your time, on how readers react to a certain number of posts, and the kind of blogs.

      Ulimately, it’s about finding a rhythm that suits you, one that feels right.

  2. Hi Cristian,
    first thing first, I’m huge fan of your blog.
    Now the matter at hand, I struggle a lot at social media, I’m not going to say I’m an introvert because it has been said million times. But I do not feel comfortable on social medias. If I need to build a meaningful audience, what other steps would you suggest?

    • Now, I’d say that you need to step outside your comfort zone. Don’t hide behind your fear. I know how you feel. I am an ambivert and can fluctuate a lot between the two extremes. I also used to suffer from social anxiety. Just face your fears. It’s not as bad as your mind makes it up to be.

  3. Andy Pines says:

    What year have you began blogging?

  4. kawaiipaperpandas says:

    What’s the best way to gain more followers?

    • 1. Consistency(keep blogging on a regular basis, according to a self imposed schedule)
      2. Quality(do you best)
      3. Engagement(try to engage your audience by asking questions, replying to comments, hosting giveaways, etc.)
      4. Time(be patient, it takes time to reach a significant number of people…in fact it’s going to take longer than you predict)

  5. Abhijith Padmakumar says:

    Christian, how can we make the content more exiting and content rich so that it gets read by so many people.

  6. Any advice on the use of tags? Is less more? Or is more best? What types of tags and methods should be used to ensure you reach as many people as possible?
    Can people find my blog if they are not on the WordPress platform? If so how do you know if they have?

    • Less than ten tags per post. Try to be general… Single word tags like art, culture, blog, life, inspiration, community, quotes, etc…depending on the theme of your post…

      And, of course, people can find you via search engines. Google and the rest. You can see refferals in your stats dashboards for info on what sites are sending you traffic.

  7. Hi Christian, I appreciated your blog on what you learned in five years of blogging. Posting every day? That’s amazing. I reblogged it on my site this morning.

  8. jrusoloward says:

    What is your blogging goal?

  9. charlypriest says:

    Why do people blog? Specially those blogs that they always write about their feelings and their life

    • Kind of like keeping a diary? A bizarre sense of self importance?

      • charlypriest says:

        I thought I was the one to ask the questions….
        My theory…..people want to promote their work, people like to share what they write not necesarely with the intent to promote it in the sense of selling but more for them a sefworth not so much self importance. Selfworth so they say to themselves “hey people actually like this” so it validates the work they put into it. Sure there are some of self importance, keeping a diary in public would be kind of weird yet again we live in a society where people tell to the world everything they feel and do, I include myself too but I lie quite a lot in my posts…. it’s called creative writing! There is a bunch of reasons as there are bunch of different personalities.
        I should make a study about this subject

        • snowdrop says:

          Or people want their words and thoughts to reach others… A serial killer wouldn’t write a blog. Keeping a diary in public is not weird. You aren’t writing about the sex moments with your parent (though there might be blogs on that too). The diary is about (mostly) what you believe in. And when you realise someone else also shares the same feelings as you, you feel much more happy.

    • Kikibee says:

      It’s also an art of letting out emotions. Afteral it’s a platform of writing or showcasing your healing?

  10. Andy Pines says:

    I have 19 blogs (I’m serious), and so I blogged whenever I wanted to, but what Blogging schedule would you suggest?

  11. lifewritez says:

    Hello Cristian I am a new blogger and I want to thank you for giving us this platform to ask you these questions. I would like to know if blogging has made you fall more in love with writing or in what way has it changed your feelings on writing if there is any change at all. Also, what advice would you give a new blogger. Much love Cristian!

    • Blogging everyday makes it easier to write. You develop the habit of sitting at your desk to type stuff on the PC. Also, it’s kind of different…

      Advice…just punch those damn keys. Keep writing, no matter what. Do not worry about anything else other than the words you write.

      • Great advice, Christian! I started blogging again when I tried to write (after a long period of absence) and realized how difficult it became to even put two sentences together. There was Filipino author who once said that one cannot be a writer unless one is a reader first. That is so true! I went back to my books and started writing again.

      • lifewritez says:

        Thank you Cristian!!

  12. followurplan says:

    Do you like to blog?

  13. dask101 says:

    I’ve got a pretty wide range of ideas, and I keep seeing the category tab… but I have no idea how that works. Does it create a sort of separation for your posts?

  14. I have a paid wordpress account for my poetry and prose and a free one for my gratitude journal. Do you have to pay for each paid one individually or do more than one blog off of it. I want to know because I am thinking of blogging a book to help kids get into medical school. Thanks

  15. Hi. I love your inspiration and thanks for allowing us to ask questions. How can you get paid from blogging on wordpress?

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